DJI Drawn/iPhone International shipping KOBE

International shipping is available.We can ship overseas. DJI Drawn water damege fix repairsment. iPhone/iPad repairsment. Hyogo Kobe Repairsment – Pro Fix Any Device & iPhone/iPad/DJI Drawn

Looking at texts and pictures through a broken Windows MacBook Andoid iPhone / iPad video game any device screen can be frustrating, but you shouldn’t have to replace your entire device just because one part is damaged. APPLEMAC KOBE was founded because of a broken any device iPhone and although today we can fix just about any electronic device, we still consider any device repair service our specialty.

APPLEMAC KOBE fixes electronic devices (it’s in our name after all). From the classic phone drop in the parking lot to the tablet in the toilet. We’ve seen it all. We understand how traumatic it is when you break your favorite devices and we want you to feel better the moment you walk in.

【 Address 】
Motomachi Plaza Bldg. 7F 712A
2-9-1 Motomachi-doori, Chuo-ku, hyogo kobe

【 Tel 】
+81 78-777-6220

【 Mail】

【 Name 】
Tsutomu Nemoto

iPhone/iPad買取査定見積もりフォーム DJIドローン故障修理説明ページ


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